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Coming soon

May 25th-27th, 2018

International Art Fair Huntenkunst in Ulft, The Netherlands, 
... just 5 km behind the German-Dutch border 
You will find me at booth 124. 

June 10th-17th, 2018

10th Artfestival Korschenbroich




"Her pictures pull the viewer into other worlds, into unpaintable space that creates something other in between highest illusion and extreme abstraction. In this respect, Ilse Gabbert is a master of storytelling. She tells stories, without telling them."               

               Bauer, Petra, Kunsthistorikerin, Ausstellungseröffnung
               Schloss Greiffenhorst, Krefeld, 1997

"Ilse Gabbert's paintings are like short stories with an immediate start and an open end. They are meant to seduce the viewer to use their imagination when the viewing ends."

               Diederichs, Petra: Farbenrausch, Krefelder Künstler toben
               Frühlingsgefühle in starken Farben aus.
               Rheinische Post, Krefelder Kultur, 2. April 2011

"The pictures [...] bespeak an enduringly strong expressiveness." 
               Summers, Robert: Eins und doppelt
               Ilse Gabbert malt ihre Sicht der Partnerschaft,
               Feuilleton der Süddeutschen Zeitung, 13.
Juni 1995

"These pictures challenge processes of comprehension and promote deeper thinking."
               Pelster, Dr. Theodor, Literaturwissenschaftler,
               Ausstellungseröffnung Schloss Greiffenhorst, Krefeld, 28.
Mai 1999


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